Thursday, September 15, 2011

The World Around us

What dose it take to take people into an new era? all it takes is a spark, an idea, when ideas are formed and nurtured they can then take root and spread throughout the minds of others. Tim Berners Lee had one such idea, To connect people via a World Wide web. In 1990 the first HTTP communications using an Hypertext Transfer Protocol using the internet. With Tim's idea tested and functional he wanted to do more with it. looking for a way to connect his hypertext to the Transmission Control Protocol, then to add a domain naming system he could then create the World Wide Web. aka (WWW). With another year of preparations the first ever website was put online, August 6, 1991.( This could have been seen as a revolutionary advancement in human communication and networking. Tim then choose to give his creation to the people of the world for free. this choice has then proceed to globalize the world and is still doing so today.

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  1. ahh the great mind that created the world wide web :)