Monday, December 5, 2011


Malware, This is the smallest and most overlooked item in ones persons day to day life on the internet.  How could malware be so "Overlooked" you may ask? It's simple really, most people may understand about junk mail or links that may carry viruses and such however these are not the only way to implant something on to ones computer.
Not only could these be picked up from an un-attritional click, they could be loaded with the video's you watch, the mail sent from friends, placed through the back door, or even just from the local router upload. In The inquirer there was an article stating"...the company revealed to the Asahi Japan Watch that extensive classified data might have been stolen from some of the 83 computers and servers that were found to be infected with up to 50 viruses." This bring the indication that if one computer in the system becomes effected that it is possible for many other to suffer the main fate. However just having the malware on your computer is not enough, no what it does is the most important thing. in the same article it is also stated, "it has been revealed that the company found evidence that suggested information on fighter jets and helicopters designed for Japan's Ministry of Defense and nuclear power plant and anti-earthquake data was pilfered by the hackers." This may seem extreme to your day to day life but think if this information was not safe what makes you think that your information was safer than that?

 Food for thought, as technology becomes more portable and affordable more malware will be crated and distributed. does this make sense? most people link there smart phones to their home computer which may them too upload malware. In the article Malware on smartphone rise up to 800%" increase of malware on smartphone increased by 800 percent. According to research conducted by the national online security company in the UK, during this week (from November 7 to November 11), as much as 17 percent of smartphones used for several things related to money and approximately 22 percent is used for downloading new applications at least once a month ." this is quite worrisome for people whom keep personal information such as their credit cards, or back accounts.
Though, major websites try to make there services problem free it is not always a guarantee as seen in the Twilight Facebook scam.

It is unfortunate that these problems exist on the internet however there is a way to keep safer:
1. Don't down load things you don't know.
2. Try not to visit strange websites (know that's hard for some people)  
3. Check mail subject lines for sign of awkwardness (like "you got to see this" or "love letter")
4. Don't click on pop ups
5. Lastly and the easiest to do acquire a anti-viral software updated and on your computer at all times, use the scanning function regularly!

            Though I am not trying to scare you sometimes fear is the best way to get someone to be more careful.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


the best part was this is how i really felt! this project was fun to do i looked to make both a good photo and an character that most if not all people would know. enjoy~


My original interest was in taking several songs mashing them together and creating a strange tone, i ended up liking it in a way that i didn't think i would and now use it as my ringtone. i took 4 songs used about 15 different types of effects on them each tried to have them not match at all and put them together. see if you can spot the changes in the songs, or the added parts enjoy.

privacy and identity

With the creation of the internet a new era of social norms have come about.  The internet has become the new form of globalization this means that there is amount of shear information transmitted around the world is at an all time high.  
                Due to there are some issues, Privacy and identity. These are a double sided swords, with the amount of information being transmitted and thousands of ways for this information to be withdrawn . This has come to an era where privacy is only as strong as you make it. issues with stolen information is a norm now a days and most people have information out there they didn't even know existed (looked up my own name in Google and was able to find out personal information I had never thought i had given out). Then we must think to the amount of times we have put are date of birth, names, numbers anything. this information becomes in technicality public information, We have then attempted to make  ways to keep information privet, passwords firewalls, external information banks. all sorts of corruption paths and fail-safe's, people have developed all forms of anti malware and viral software to remove these trackers.  this leads to the possibility of identity theft, when ones personal information is stolen to the point where the other party can access all information and assets of the other party.
                Identity though is ones other self. Through this social means the internet has given us the ability to form a new self where we are unknown. the way that we are judged is very much differently than in the real world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, The internet has provided a new type of world we are noting more then pass-byres in its existence very much like the real world, however our ability to re create ourselves online we one they we take for granted. 

ds106 music challenger

hahaha, well i had customized this tune with over 10 different effects, from echo,  to stereo pan. This work is simple yet is more of an get out there and make something peace. it is simple to do and fun to play around with. I am no music enginer nor do i have any experience with this i spent about 2 houres learning and playing around with music changing speed and tunes. i hope that it seems interesting to some people and that they can have fun with it :D but music alone may be boring so i put in some pictures my father and i took enjoy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Better late then never.

First i must apologize for the lateness of this, however this is the preview of the movie that will be shown soon!! I don't want to say much and cant promise that it will be the best movie ever but the group whom came together to make this move has given us both memory's and bonds. and we hope that you can find both the humor and sweat we put into this movie! here we go,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wait wa?

What could be a cool and captivating subject useable for are CIS class? this was the question on everyone's mind when they began to put together a group... With a few rallying of ideas a decision was made... Street Fighter, this was to be there topic.... Did I forget to say that I was not a part of this group yet. I was then recruited (somewhat forcefully) and was told the role I would be playing.... Leader.... In my mind I could draw no correlation between me being picked and then becoming leader of this rag tag team....but just being the person I am and an interest in the idea we began. Through some quick mumbo-jumbo we came to a conclusion and quite honestly I was excited to begin! 

                We began your "Talks" after every call asking and talking about what we are going to do and how it was doable. first we set a day to meet up in Akiba and acquire the needed material for the project... This was something I missed do to work but seemed like people had fun. After another in school meeting we decided to do a skype call on the weekend to set up a time and location for our first day of filming... On this day it was discuses that i would Play Dan ( ^_^)b this is this something that i look forward too?!?! how could i not look good in pink.

                The day we meet up to do a "Run through" of our to be video we began by getting suited up and warmed up.  having been ....unprepared I took role as camera man and somewhat of the choreographer (though groups where requested to make choreograph their own fights) It didn't really matter, it was we had fun making people do funny things and figuring out how to do something better or new. After a few hours of creativity we called it a day and began to prepare for the next segment of our adventure!