Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The first and foremost

Well today is the day that i set out on my blogging adventure. I would be a lire if i were to say that i was looking forward to this, however i do wish to see how the community response to something that a 22 year old collage student has to say.
Well time for introductions i am Zachary E. Jonas, i am from Miami Beach Florida, i am a collage student in Temple university and have been living in Japan for the last 3 years.
i pride myself on all i have done n my life and have tried to do everything from hiking the Alaskan plains, to exploring the culture of the European world. Do to my family i have had a rich cultural upbringing and have lived through more adventures then most people get too.
Though i don't know what to blog about i guess i can just let things out that i would like to say! well i am looking forward to the coming months and am willing to take on questions about anything.
Thank you for reading and hope to make this an enjoyable read.