Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Group work

7 hours later..... with another beer in hand and only half a video edited and prepared, i began to think that my group was conspiring agents me. when i thought there was nothing left when there was no more time, my team replayed videos attached! This lead to another four hours of editing and repeted slaming of ones head to come up with the video that we have here.

I played the role of both script, and video editor i relayed on Erin to ride people into submitting there works to me, and to get people on Skype to talk about it. my group had me a little worried with passed deadlines and shake alibis when push came to shove we got the work needed done. i over all enjoyed the work and had fun making the video lost myself in thought of how to make it "cool" though the video is shake it is a testimony to the very topic that we are disusing, "ART" this video is art in its own form and the internet has made it so that we can share and spread our ideas!


  1. Your group certainly came up with a novel way of carrying out the presentation and I think the amount of work and stress that was behind that eventually paid off.

    It's nice to see such a casual blog post about the behind-the-scenes of it all though :)

  2. :D thanks, i do have to say for the amount i complained about it it was both fun and educational! also i do believe that blogs should be more of a personal bit to really convey the feeling of the teller!