Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wait wa?

What could be a cool and captivating subject useable for are CIS class? this was the question on everyone's mind when they began to put together a group... With a few rallying of ideas a decision was made... Street Fighter, this was to be there topic.... Did I forget to say that I was not a part of this group yet. I was then recruited (somewhat forcefully) and was told the role I would be playing.... Leader.... In my mind I could draw no correlation between me being picked and then becoming leader of this rag tag team....but just being the person I am and an interest in the idea we began. Through some quick mumbo-jumbo we came to a conclusion and quite honestly I was excited to begin! 

                We began your "Talks" after every call asking and talking about what we are going to do and how it was doable. first we set a day to meet up in Akiba and acquire the needed material for the project... This was something I missed do to work but seemed like people had fun. After another in school meeting we decided to do a skype call on the weekend to set up a time and location for our first day of filming... On this day it was discuses that i would Play Dan ( ^_^)b this is this something that i look forward too?!?! how could i not look good in pink.

                The day we meet up to do a "Run through" of our to be video we began by getting suited up and warmed up.  having been ....unprepared I took role as camera man and somewhat of the choreographer (though groups where requested to make choreograph their own fights) It didn't really matter, it was we had fun making people do funny things and figuring out how to do something better or new. After a few hours of creativity we called it a day and began to prepare for the next segment of our adventure! 


  1. This is sounding like an exciting project. I can't imagine what you guys are going to come up with.

    Will you releasing any sneak peeks of your work before the finished project video?

  2. thanks you should the movie is coming along nicely! we hope to release a peek soon!