Thursday, October 13, 2011


Audio, what we listen to and when we choose to is a tool we use to set a mood. However audio is not limited to music only. Audio is used in a large amount of none music related situations, and its importance is all the same. This is shown in Andrews work Sound Effect Story

This video indicates several different usage of audio and how it is used to attract us as the listener into the situation at hand. Though audio is often miss interpreted to solely being just an additive to what ever visual it is bolstering, i do not think that. i believe that audio play's an even larger role in how we see things then we comprehend. the amount of audio work that goes into even the smallest of parts is so finally toned that i interpret a large emphasis on the mater. In a sound engineers work place it can be best seen to the scope that audio is controlled through there equipment.


an example of this would be a post by Andrew Other Audio Assignments
and David Gurri Mashup
these show the audio connection to having to bring sound together.

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  1. I have a special place in my heart for audio, so I read your post with interest. I totally agree that sound has great power in telling stories. I also agree that it is challenging to get it right.

    I hope that you will take the challenge to do the ds106 Sound Effects story. I might even try one myself.

    As for the midterm, I wasn't able to find attribution for the image you used from Flickr. Might want to add it when you get a chance.