Tuesday, November 29, 2011

privacy and identity

With the creation of the internet a new era of social norms have come about.  The internet has become the new form of globalization this means that there is amount of shear information transmitted around the world is at an all time high.  
                Due to there are some issues, Privacy and identity. These are a double sided swords, with the amount of information being transmitted and thousands of ways for this information to be withdrawn . This has come to an era where privacy is only as strong as you make it. issues with stolen information is a norm now a days and most people have information out there they didn't even know existed (looked up my own name in Google and was able to find out personal information I had never thought i had given out). Then we must think to the amount of times we have put are date of birth, names, numbers anything. this information becomes in technicality public information, We have then attempted to make  ways to keep information privet, passwords firewalls, external information banks. all sorts of corruption paths and fail-safe's, people have developed all forms of anti malware and viral software to remove these trackers.  this leads to the possibility of identity theft, when ones personal information is stolen to the point where the other party can access all information and assets of the other party.
                Identity though is ones other self. Through this social means the internet has given us the ability to form a new self where we are unknown. the way that we are judged is very much differently than in the real world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, The internet has provided a new type of world we are noting more then pass-byres in its existence very much like the real world, however our ability to re create ourselves online we one they we take for granted. 

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