Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An artist in all of us.

"Wow This is the exact message that i would like to get out to people." is what i thought to myself a i read / listen to Timmmmyboys "We Are All Artists". Through out this semester a statement has rung out in our class has been "but we are not artists" "I am not good at art". But as my earlier blog posts "Group work" shows and even states That art is not just what is drawn but it is also is anything made for the sake of others to see. These blogs are art, it might not be to the conception of Joe-every-man, but it is art to some and can most certainly be art to yourself. Tboy makes good connections in the wold about how hard work and how ones own will can be what is needed to make "art". Ask yourself "Why can i not create art too?" Try to brake out and do something, from Photoshop or making videos or even just bloging about your day or thoughts, this is art and we are all capable of creating it. Article writ in by the Art history Foundation "What is art...?...what is an artist?" Talks about this exsact issue with better grammer of-course. hope that this can change, motivate, inspire  move, or give people the chance to take the step to making there own art!


  1. Yes, blogs are certainly art. I like that you are exploring this idea. I have one request, make use of the paragraph. It's visually nice for the eyes and helps frame your ideas much better. Thanks!

  2. Good point Giulia. Nice to see someone is still looking out for the Queen's English.

    I wonder where the paragraphs would break among the several thoughtful and valid points raised here.

  3. @Giulia- Thank you for your advice~ i am still new to the blogging world and thank you for your advice, i will take it into account and fix and edit my works and watch for the future.

    @scott- hahaha i will do what i can to improve the work i have started~

  4. I think this is really true. In the days of the Renaissance, art was a much different game. Of course art still has many of the same methods (painting, sketching, and so on) but also is a much broader field. Blogging, vlogging, photography, graphic design, and many, many more fields have been added and I think it really brings out the personal creativity in all of us.

    Keep on writing. I'm sure you can come up with even better ideas. I have to say it would have been nice to have a bit longer of a post (perhaps that's just what I'm used to), but you're on the right path.

  5. Self-expression=art I love how you define art. We all are artist in any shape, and we all never be fully developed as an artist. Break the limit, make action dane!

    lets make our final project kickin!